New Pterygium Instrument

We would like to hear from you with your thoughts on our Pterygium instrument. We have had this popular addition to the ALGERBRUSH II for over seven years. This instrument is used for “polishing” the surface after a pterygyectomy. It can be purchased as a complete instrument or only the diamond burr and pterygium chuck. The diamond and chuck can be utilized on your existing ALGERBRUSH II.

We have settled on two options: One with a round diamond and one with a wheel. Both options come in either a fine grit diamond or a medium grit diamond. So far the round diamond with the medium grit are the most popular, although we have several doctors using the wheel and like it very much. I witnessed the use of the diamond in a surgicenter and was impressed with the smooth surface it leaves on the cornea.

If you are doing pterygyectomies in your practice, I am sure you will want this addition to your armamentarium. You can download the Pterygium parts/price catalogue in the download section.

Please call or email if you have any questions.