The Alger-Light with LED

The original Alger light model has for the most part remained unchanged for many, many years. Why change a good thing? But every once in a while technology advancements come along that can revolutionize an already great product. Alger Equipment Company, Inc. is proud to introduce the Alger Light with LED.

If you might be wondering if the new Alger-Light with LED could be mounted in your current operating room setting. We would say most likely “YES”. Our new product is so versatile it can be easily mounted to a sheetrock ceiling or even the suspended acoustic ceiling systems. In most all cases you would not even need any additional support.

  • Light weight
  • Easy to mount
  • Versatile
  • Proven design
  • Latest energy saving technology


My office was built a few years ago, the ceiling has those suspended acoustic tiles. I searched quite some time for a operating light that was very light weight and could mount to the existing surface. Now that the Alger-Light with LED is out and I have one I can't be more pleased with my purchase –Satisfied Doctor Customer