Thanks for your interest in the Algerbrush. In the veterinary field, the most commonly used instrument for the treatment of recurrent ulcers is the 3.5mm round, medium grit diamond. We also have a 2.5mm round fine grit diamond should you find you prefer that. The part numbers for the complete instrument are BRPT-RM (3.5mm round, medium grit) or BRPT-RF (2.5mm round, fine grit). The part numbers are PD-35RMD (3.5mm round, medium) and PD-25RFD (2.5mm round, fine grit). Please note that once you have the complete instrument, any size replacement tip can be used on it.

As far as the recommended number of uses for the burr, it is hard to tell. The diamond is being used on soft tissue which would lead you to think it would have many uses. I do not know for sure but I suspect that when it starts to lose its effectiveness, it could be due, in part, to debris in the burr “flutes”. To clean the burr prior to sterilization, it can be soaked in warm water with household detergent (Dawn is the best) and then use a brush (i.e., like a toothbrush) to scrub the tip to clean it thoroughly prior to drying and then autoclaving. I hope this information help.

The Algerbrush use was referrenced in the Matas Bravo 2014 Burr Study. In addition refer to Veterinary Ophthalmology for additional articles on the use of the Algerbrush in the Veterinary profession.

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