The following represents a compilation of frequently asked questions concerning the ALGERBRUSH and the ALGERBRUSH II. We will strive to keep this list up to date as questions arise from our customers. Please contact us with any additional information.


AlgerBrush II FAQ’s

Quite a few things.

  1. The ALGERBRUSH II has a different “stop / start” mechanism. The original ALGERBRUSH consisted of a “spin start” mechanism. The ALGERBRUSH II will start by simply tightening the end nut.
  2. The original ALGERBRUSH stops spinning when excessive pressure is applied to the operating area. The ALGERBRUSH II will also stop spinning when excessive pressure is applied to the operating area. However, the ALGERBRUSH II will restart once pressure is released.
  3. The ALGERBRUSH II motor / battery assembly is different. The battery in the original ALGERBRUSH was inserted + Pole first (touching the motor).
  4. The ALGERBRUSH II motor assembly consists of a 2″ L-shaped brass contact strip soldered to the motor. The battery is placed between the motor and the end of the brass contact strip (with the – Pole closest to the motor). Then, the entire assembly is placed inside the housing.
  5. The ALGERBRUSH II has a different chuck assembly.
  6. The ALGERBRUSH II motor has slightly more torque than the original motor for the ALGERBRUSH. Also, the ALGERBRUSH II motor is much quieter and a better quality motor.

The burrs used in the ALGERBRUSH and the ALGERBRUSH II are very high quality carbide steel which can be re-used a number of times provided they are properly sterilized following each use.

Yes, the same burr can be used in either the ALGERBRUSH or ALGERBRUSH II. However, it is important to remember the “chuck” assembly to attach the burr to the hand piece is different for the two models.

Two sizes are available: 1mm (available in both pre-sterilized or unsterilized packaging) and the 1/2mm (also available in the pre-sterilized or unsterilized packaging). Diamond burrs are also available for pterygyectomies. They are available in round and wheel shapes in fine and medium grits.

This measurement refers to the diameter of the very tip of the burr. The 1mm burr has a slightly larger diameter tip than the 1/2mm burr. However, the shaft diameter of either burr is the same which means they both will fit into the same chuck assembly.

No, the same hand piece can be used for either size burr.

First of all, the instrument as a whole cannot be sterilized. Autoclaving the entire instrument will ruin the instrument motor and battery. The body of the ALGERBRUSH and cap are to be wiped clean with alcohol before and after each use. Please download the instructions from the Product Docs tab on  “Products”  page. Sterilization procedures are on the second page of the “Operating/Sterilization Procedures”.

Note1:  The simplest procedure is to remove the chuck and burr as one unit and sterilize them both. The burr itself is very small and can be easily lost if separated from the chuck.
Note2:  After sterilization examine the burr to make sure it is free of rust before storing.
Note3:  See instructions when re-assembling the ALGERBRUSH II to make sure the chuck is secure on the motor shaft and the burr is secure in the chuck. These are both held in place by friction.

No, the motor manufacturer ceased production of the motor used in the original ALGERBRUSH.